Clinical Cannabis “Medical Marijuana”

Clinical Cannabis (Medical Marijuana) can provide a safe remedy for many chronic medical conditions.  If prescription drugs are giving you too many side effects, you might want to consider a natural therapy that has been effectively used for thousands of years. Cannabis is recognized for its value as a medicine by the National Institute of Health, and there has not been a single death caused by cannabis. Compare that with the fact that a person dies every 19 minutes from prescription drug abuse.

Our physician at Clinic Ananda is licensed, and in good standing with the Medical Board of California. Our clinic follows all California laws and guidelines. Patients should have a documented medical record of diagnosis and treatment or a physician referral. If you don’t have a medical record of treatment for serious illness, you may not be eligible for clinical cannabis.

Proposition 215, the Compassionate Use Act, was passed by California voters in 1996. This made clinical cannabis legal in the state of California for certain medical conditions that significantly affect a person’s quality of life. Clinical cannabis can be recommended for ANY serious condition for which it provides relief; over 250 uses have been reported.

Qualified patients who come to Clinic Ananda may receive a physician’s recommendation which allows them to legally use cannabis in California. Our recommendations are recognized by dispensaries throughout California.


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