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Some of the following reviews are from when we had our physical location, but our commitment to provide the best possible holistic care for our patients remains consistent.

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A stellar example.

So close to home and such a reasonable price. Thank you Doctor Lagorio for seeing me as a walk-in, and providing me with such professional and courteous care and information. Provided with a comfy waiting room stocked full of great energy, water, tea, books, and a beautiful atmosphere. Thank you for all your help.


Nor Cal Doctors

What a drastic difference from the southern cali doctors where i live now. Went to school up north and while visiting a friend, he referred me to Dr Mary Lagorio; we then quickly made an appt and went to Clinic Ananda. She was extremely helpful and sweet especially for two short notice appointments. She gave me tea, water, and cookies. She was very professional and even though I live in Huntington Beach, CA now. I still have have no problem with the distance and will drive all the way back up north just to visit Dr. Lagorio. Thank you so much, will def be visiting again very soon!

The following are reviews are from Yelp:


I was apprehensive about getting a consultation, but Dr. Mary Lagorio made me feel very welcome, and very comfortable. She is very calm, and very perceptive. She answered all of my questions and was very kind and offered very good advice. A very positive experience, and I highly recommend her.


Dr. Lagorio cares and is extremely knowledgeable in her field! She listened carefully to me and provided valuable information about my health concerns. Her office is warm, peaceful and inviting. I left feeling empowered about my health. The entire experience was memorable and enjoyable. Thank you Dr. Lagorio! I recommend her to all my friends and family.



Awesome experience! Highly recommend to any patients trying to receive or renew there cannabis card. Mary is one of the nicest ladies you will ever meet and she really cares about all her patients. She even gave me peaches while I waited 🙂


I want to recommend Mary Lagorio she is very knowledgeable and can help with very good information to help you. and the price are very reasonable. and is a very nice person and I will recommend her to all my friends.


While I have not been to this particular clinic, I have had experience with Dr. Mary Lagorio.  My encounters with her have been professional, thorough and an absolute delight.  Dr. Lagorio, while being an extraordinary clinician, also exemplifies the ultimate in bedside manner and compassionate care-giving.  Thanks, Dr. Lagorio, for restoring my faith in the medical profession.  Kathleen P., Sonoma, CA


My experience at this clinic was very positive. Dr. Mary was courteous, professional, and thorough. Thank you for caring!


love DR Mary we had a really good conversation about massage and she always give you all her attention at all the time ….. I would come back to her when I get sick  DR Mary keep up the good work




I visited Clinic Ananda today and it was a very wonderful experience. Dr. Mary Lagorio, D.O. (Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine) plays a big part in Clinic Ananda providing affordable, high quality, professional medical care to the local community. Dr. Mary is a Board Certified Physician who is trained in Internal Medicine, touch therapy and Osteopathic Manipulation. Her emphasis is on Palliative Care which means to ease suffering in its many forms. She is very caring and compassionate. I was especially taken by her very quiet, educated, uplifting presence. I was greeted with the utmost respect and in a highly professional environment. The energy there in the clinic was extremely peaceful and relaxing and Dr. Mary served me tea while we visited. I highly recommend her and plan to return for future visits.

4/22/2013 Great place, Mary is a very caring and wonderful doctor. Very peaceful and relaxing office. I highly recommend Mary Lagorio, as she is a very professional doctor.


Totally awesome! Caring compassionate and informative. Even came to my house. Highly recommend doctor Mary! Thanks doc!

4/12/2103 Mary is awesome! Very fair price! Waiting room was very cool and relaxing!Would recommend her to anyone! A++

One of our patients made this in our Zen Garden - thank you!

One of our patients made this in our Zen Garden – thank you!

4/5/2103 Dr. Mary is great! She truly cares for her patients. Highly recommended!

4/1/2013 My fiance and I were in Hopland for a day of wine tasting at Campovida (LOVE this place if you are looking for an amazing winery and organic farm with a family feel!!!), and we decided to walk around downtown Hopland, which you could easily drive by in the blink of an eye.

We saw a sign for “Massage” (although I realize this place is listed as a Cannabis Clinic on here) and the owner was packing up her car, kids and all. It was around 7 at night and we didn’t know if she’d be open or not. We thought we’d ask anyway, and she told us she’d be back in ten minutes, after dropping off her kids, and could give a massage then. So she gave us a bottle of wine and said we could sit out on her charming porch until she got back! She came back ten minutes later, and we were happy as could be with our wine and rocking chairs,

She got the private massage room all set up – this is a very home-y type place but she had relaxing music and the best smelling coconut oil and it all felt very spa-like. Massage was great. She even has a shower there so you can clean off all the oil after all!

As we were paying, she asked us if we wanted any eggs, and gave us fresh eggs from her farm! What a unique experience…we got much more than massages and will definitely go back next time we are in Hopland! Thanks for a great night!

3/16/2013 I was referred to this clinic and was thrilled! Dr. Lagorio was so welcoming offering me chi tea while I filled out my new patient info. Not the typical waiting room very comfortable. She was very informative referring books and alternative holistic methods which I love. I was thrilled when I left cause I finally found a doctor who made me feel at ease who is easy to talk to. She also mentioned that she will make house calls which is wonderful since I do have friends who live in remote areas and have a difficult time traveling. Pricing is the most reasonable I have found. I am so happy to have found Ananda Clinic.

1/27/2013 Quaint, beautiful location in the majestic town of Hopland! Had a wonderful experience with Dr. Lagorio who showed much care and attentiveness to my needs. Very reasonably priced, might I add, and I am definitely going back to do some manipulative therapy. She is an osteopath after all. Looking forward to it!
5.0 star rating

IMG_03381/23/2103 Such a beautiful clinic and a beautiful doctor who cares. Reasonably priced too I might add! You’ll love doctor Mary. I’ve never felt so cozy at a doctors office

1/13/2013 Small cozy and comfortable clinic. Same day call and walk in. Dr. Mary is a beautiful lady who listens to what you have to say and tries to help anyway she can. Very nice lady and excited to come back!!

12/23/2012 Dr. Mary is wonderful and her clinic cannot be surpassed. It is warm and friendly just like her. It was my first experience with a clinic. I was instantly welcomed with a hot cup of Chai and cookies. I highly recommend her.

7/1/2012 Clinic Ananda is a small cozy clinic located conveniently in Hopland. This was my first experience with Clinic Ananda and Dr. Lagorio, it was very comfortable and inviting visit. From first entering the clinic, it was a very calm and soothing environment. Dr. Lagorio is very attentive, she made me feel at ease and was very interested in helping me be a satisfied patient, and reasonably priced! I fully recommend her!


Went to Clinic Ananda as a walk-in client, was able to be seen in a reasonable amount of time, which was great because I was able to enjoy Dr. Mary’s beautiful waiting room (more like a cozy living room) and peruse all her great books. Quite, comfy, and relaxing atmosphere the whole visit.

Concerned, listening Doctor whom takes the time to give her patients the time that they deserve and advice for further betterment of health and well-being.

Very kind and helpful of all of my needs, looking forward to returning for a massage, and to further chat.

Better than any other “clinic” I have been to, and all for a very reasonable price.

Clinic Ananda… the clinic that cares.

Thank you Dr. Mary!!!!

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  1. A surprisingly great experience for someone unfamiliar with this practice. Super nice and easy to talk to doctor who genuinely believes in the healing effects of alternative medicine.

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